The beasts are creatures that play the role of the main antagonists in the game. They are hostile, mole like animals. There are nine beasts. One can also grab the beasts to shortly hold onto their backs.

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The first beast (Known as the Scout) encountered is in the level A Picnic. It can be seen eating the protagonist's kind. He is meant to be defeated by luring him onto the tree stump and triggering the trap, killing him instantly.

The second beast is encountered in the level Tools of the Woods. He appears to the players left when they fall down the cliff. One can escape without fighting him by simply running off the next cliff, as he will not follow.

The third beast is encountered in the level Down by the Lake. He can be escaped if one carries a log with them, but he can be killed easily with the use of a fly.

The fourth beast (Known as the Sorcerer) is encountered in the level A Bad Hair Day. He is a special beast because he has the ability to teleport. He cannot be escaped, and he is not easily killed. One can kill him by going back in the level and collecting a fly or by using the sticks and stones around the area.

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The fifth beast (Known as the Miner) is encountered in the level Trespassing. He carries a heavy club, which deals serious damage to the player. He can be killed by using the sticks and boulders. One has to jump over him when he first charges at you and run continuously, picking up every stick and hitting him with it.

The sixth, seventh, and eighth beasts are encountered in the same area of the level Ruins of the Past. The first one (Known as the Raider) can be seen sitting right at the bottom of the cliff where the player must jump. They can either be defeated with sticks, logs, and stones, or by the traps at the very end of the ruins. One of the beasts has club.

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The final beast (Known as the Conjuror) can be found at the end of the level Playing with Fire. He fires balls of fire, which the player must hit back with a stick to kill the beast. He carries a cage on his back containing another of the main character's species.


Take a Ride on the Wild Side


Natural Born Brawler

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Hard Luck

It Was Never Meant to Work Like This

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